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Travel Arrangements

McAfee Medical Tourism staff serve as a medical concierge, which can handle all the arrangements necessary for an overseas medical experience. This includes making all the travel arrangements, the hospital arrangements and a comprehensive array of services. For instance, McAfee Medical Tourism can provide a medical client with an accompanying qualified medical escort who will take care of any needs that arise before, during and after the trip.

This medical escort will be well-travelled, know the language of the country, have a good understanding of the country's politics and, if necessary, a medical escort can have medical qualifications that will suit the clients medical needs, like nurses or paramedics, even escorts who are trained to assist with mobility and personal hygiene needs—providing a continuum of care that utilizes evidence based Western medicine.

McAfee Medical Tourism can handle all of the arrangements, beginning with the booking of the airlines, accommodations and hospitalization, to procuring oxygen or wheelchairs if needed, arranging ground transportation, to the client's discharging paperwork and making sure they get home safely.

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